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Baile su Sueño

Baile Su Sueño (Dance Your Dream)

August 27-September 1, 2013

Playa del Carmen, MX

Cost:  $4,997 per person USD Double Occupancy

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Do you want to experience your body so that every movement feels as if you are dancing?  Come move and play!  Explore the funk in the sacred and the sacred in the funk.  Raise your vibration, increase your joy and settle into a deep state of peace.

This ultra fun retreat will bring together mind-body-soul in union with dance, drum and yoga.  This retreat taps into the joy of movement by inviting you to dance your dreams into reality.  This beautiful and amazing truth of who you really are lives deep within you.  You are already the perfect and right prayer, just waiting to be fully expressed to the world hungry for your gifts and gorgeous light.

This is your invitation to dance your unique dance.   You will experience connecting to the sounds and vibrations of music and how they affect your body.  See how intimacy with music, movement and your body allow you to tap into your personal creativity, break habits and discover unlimited potential, create health and eliminate stress.

Play with your inner “kid”.  Take care of unfinished business so you can stop recurring and unsatisfying life themes.  Through dance shed your old stories and limiting beliefs for good and begin to create a brilliant new vision of yourself and your work in the world.  Dancing through life allows you to connect with your determination, kindness and honesty.

Through expressive movement, with a massive dose of play, celebration and song, emerge with a clearer vision of whom you are and why you are here.

Deepen your Divine Dance

Delve into dance to reveal your unexpressed emotional pain.  Dance through that pain to ease tension, low energy and disease.  Heal the wounds of unsupported emotional experience and needs.  Experience your body centered emotions as they are stuck in your body.  Unstick them!   Peel away layers of the roles you play in life that hide your power and vulnerability and revitalize your body and spirit.  Transform your destructive energy or sabotaging sub-personalities into the raw material for personal power.

Your sacred intuition is to heal and release the physical, emotional and spiritual suffering that has been holding you back.  Come join our retreat full of love and wisdom where each person is seen as whole and essential to the whole.  Where grief and joy, sadness and elation, can become your source of true authentic transformation.

The music will Shake Your Soul.  Let dance transport you to the feeling of power and wholeness.  Discover the unpredictable mystery of it all.


What to Expect at the Dance Your Dream Retreat:

There will be plenty of outings to the beach, cenotes, ancient sites and other paradise locations.  Lunch will be provided during your stay served in an astounding location each day.  You will find time for naps in the hammock or a meditative moment at the beach.  We’ll cap each day with a sumptuous healthy dinner and review of the day.   Relax in an after-dinner circle with guided sharing and lots of laughter before letting the sound of the waves lull you to sleep under the starry velvet sky.


  • Three delicious, healthful meals per day.  Two lunches and two dinners are on your own so you have the opportunity to explore the Mayan culture and cuisine.
  • Native Mayan massage
  • Immersion in nature, her rhythms and tides through drum percussion and much more
  • Movement and dance to music specifically selected to inspire aliveness, health and wellness.
  • Exploration of the depths of your passionate heart through body movement.
  • Deep energy work for body and soul.
  • Infusion of rhythm.
  • Inspired exercises using nature, exploring the Caribbean, sacred sites and secret beaches.
  • Creative activities, lectures, discussions, designed to set your health dream in motion.
  • Inspiration, Reflection, Camaraderie and Celebration
  • Lots of laughter, friendship and relaxation.

Included in the Price:

  • Seven days, six nights lodging at the stunning Playa Car Palace on the ocean.
  • Yoga Gi Gung instruction.
  • Yoga props and mat (you’re also welcome to bring your own mat).
  • Snorkel Adventure (you’ll be responsible for renting or bringing your own snorkel equipment, if you want to snorkel).
  • Adventure to Center of the Yucatan Mystical Magical Location
  • Fresh, delicious meals served by our native gourmet chef, and all snacks
  • All guided tours
  • All Dance sessions
  • All Dream sessions

* Airfare and transportation to and from the airport is not included in the cost.







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