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Cosmic Shift

Posted by on July 1, 2012

The words rolled off her tongue and landed in my heart “I could see you being cast as a Hot Female President”.   My heart skipped a beat and the universe seemed to stop revolving momentarily.  The vault tumblers of my heart clicked into place hearing the profound suggestion.  The impact I felt was palpable.  Suddenly access to a bigger dream idea opened and I could feel the cosmic shift.  That shift when you know that everything has realigned in a holy instant and your capacity to see your good is altered in a profound way.  Spontaneously the words blurted from my lips “I just had a Cosmic Shift”.

Waves of cosmic shifts have been crashing on the shore of my life as well as the global human experience for the past several years.  Seeming chaos from a thing called the “economic meltdown” has been interpreted in millions of ways calling each of us to see that our puny efforts to be king of the hill look pretty pathetic.  As the Milky Way terraforms, there is transformation happening on our personal level.

It is a common practice when I teach a self-improvement workshop, that I invite participants to create a Blue Sky list.  Mining deeply to the depths of their soul’s desire, with wild abandonment, edging out their gremlins who stand in line to say “No” each and every day.  They are invited to uncover their wildest fantasies, dreams, desires, bigger than the Milky Way wants.  Even when I have Blue Skied for myself, I always list acting in a Hollywood film.  Today during this Cosmic Shift moment, the dream buried deeply in my heart, became bigger, have been locked away where even I could not see it.  Playing a Hot Female President of the United States?  The expansion of the dream was nothing less than miraculous.  The miracle was simply allowing myself to even consider an idea that huge was unthinkable the moment before.   It was clear, it was specific it was deep and I know it reached deep space.

I know it reached deep space because we live in a world energy.   The simple law of electromagnetism seemed to take over.  I wonder how Nikola Tesla would have explained this wave of energy propelled out into the cosmos and then reverberated back back to my soul.  As I tell this, I’m sure there are many who would label this as “mad”.  He died labeled a “mad scientist” and penniless until we caught up with his theories almost a decade later in 2005 when he was included in the 100 Greatest Americans for his advancements in understanding the power of energy.   It is easy to see that as we shift, there is a domino effect – for the entire planet, yes universe to shift.

Heightened awareness that my small-minded thinking impedes the entire galaxies energetic shift, gave me pause.  Vigilantly, I must elevate, expand and question my thinking.  Keeping the high watch to recognize that media, ideas, politics and the like, recycle the same ideas and schools of thought.  What would our world be like if the Nikola Tesla’s did not challenge the conversation and conventional thinking?  Would we even have 24 hour news channels to recycle the belief system which should test our high resolve every moment?

Without a doubt we are in a spectacular time of change.  Ancient wisdom merges with modern scientific knowledge, exposing the building blocks of life.  It’s all energy.  There is no coincidence that my beloved Playa is the home for the ancient Mayans, such wizards of time that the whole world is referring to their calendar this year.  Should we take that when the calendar runs out we are complete or instead that the Cosmic Shift will be in full swing.  As our Solar System leader “the sun”, displays it’s intense and abnormal fiery and explosive behavior, we cannot but follow suit.

A whole lot of shifting is going on and I for one am thrilled.  I challenge you to be fierce, electric, confident, and create a Cosmic Shift each and every day because the entire Universe is depending on you.  Be courageous and look deep into your heart for that hidden dream, ask a friend to see it with you and let the shift begin.  When you shift we all shift.

You are the Energetic space bubbles that are the mustard seeds of faith in the bigger Cosmic Shift.




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