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When You Stumble Make It Part of the Dance

Posted by on April 8, 2012

Two things I love Dancing with the Stars and watching my nieces grow up.  Even though I did not give birth to them, I feel like they were born from some part of me that is beyond this earthly realm.  Every one of their moments of stumble has been a beautiful dance to watch as one has grown to be the mother of the other two radiant beings.  I remember each of them learning to walk.  Not one of them ever fell and said “well that didn’t work”, let’s not do “it” again.

And as I watch Dancing with the Stars every week, I see this light in the eyes of the awkward, already successful celebrities, become brighter as they fearlessly embark on something that is clearly daunting and out of their “comfort zone”.

The “stumbling” is such an integral part of the walking and dancing. Today marks the celebrations of Easter, Passover, the Vernal Equinox, Spring, and if you live in a Southern State “let the planting begin day”.  It’s a milestone for renewal and birth.  In the historical renderings it is said that a pharaoh pronounced Israel to be “bare of seed.”  As I read this it touched me at such a deep level realizing we all feel this sense at moments in our lives.  That we are without “seed”.  Nothing to give, who am I to have a dream, what could I give to the world or I cannot make a different or any version of that.  How often does that sentiment enslave your heart when you “stumble”, make a mistake, realize you are not where you want to be in life or just plain give up on yourself, your hope and your life.

To commemorate today I encourage you to Dance in your own desert as the Jews did in Egypt.  Were they 100% behind their own rescue?  No, but did God give up on them?  No.  Your highest purpose will always be there to meet you when you are ready.

This small voice, is playing the song “You can walk, you can dance you can fly you can dream”.  The light is longer than the dark in the days ahead.  Spring is here to remind you that you can blossom into the incredible sensual, rich divine, amazing unique dancer you are.  Unzip that clunky armor and grace us with your flow and love today!

Arrange whatever pieces come your way today and trip the light fantastic.



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